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Priced by the Box- ready to ship

Random shapes (rough split stones)
Multiple stones/box Approx 60-65 lbs/box
Choice of one to nine pieces/box     $107.00/box
Selection will vary with current inventory

Priced by the Pound--rough split stones/dimensional small slab

Dimensional Small Slab- Retail Price
Pieces between 7-lbs to 15-lbs  $7.00/lb
Will have 4 parallel sides
(no minimum weight requirements to order)
Selection will vary with current inventory
Click here to see an example of dimensional small slabs

Random shapes- Retail Price
Pieces between 5-lbs to 100 lbs  $1.65/lb 
(minimum order total 65-lbs)

Pieces between 100-lbs to 200-lbs  $1.75/lb
(stones over 200-lbs not available)

Volume Discount - 25% off retail price
(minimum 1000-lb order)
Stock 1000-lbs pallets--random shapes
20-lb average 10 to 30-lb range
35-lb average 20 to 50-lb range
50-lb average 35-65-lb range
75-lb average 50 to 100-lb range

Volume Discount - 20% off retail price
(minimum 1000-lb order)
Stock 1000-lbs pallets--random shapes
100-lbs to 200-lbs range
Custom pallets - mixed weight ranges

Priced by Specified Dimensions - rough split stone We stock a limited number of pieces between 5-lbs and 200-lbs with specified dimensions. Minimum order 65/lbs. Contact us for current availability.

Blocks - - - - - - - -$2.40/lb

Rectangles - - - - $2.65/lb
Small Slabs - - - - $7.00/lb

For custom non-stock orders add $0.75 to the per pound prices listed above. call for exact pricing. Allow three to four weeks delivery time. 

Soapstone weighs 180-lbs per cubic foot
To estimate the weight of any piece, divide the cubic inches (length x width x thickness) by 9.6
For example, 12 x 8 x 6 = 576 cubic inches divided by 9.6 = 60-lbs

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