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Trow and Holden
Stone Tools and Rock Cutting Tools Since 1890, Trow and Holden has manufactured a complete of tools for stoneworking that are built to work and built to last. From chisels that help you trim small stones to splitters used for breaking slabs, we have the right cutting tools for and stone tools your masonry project.

Sculpture House
To carve the many types of stone available, from the softest, soapstone, to the hardest, granite, sculptors use the basic handheld carving implements, various hammers, and specialty tools and accessories.

The Compleat Sculptor
The Compleat Sculptor, Inc. is one of the largest sculpture suppliers in the world. "You supply the talent... We'll supply the rest."

Sculpture House Casting
Today we serve as a supplier of tools and supplies through and our warehouse in New York City. Our artisans and craftsment continue fine plaster and foundry work. Find out more about our casting work at
Tiranti supply a wide range of materials, equipment and tools to sculptors, modelmakers, mouldmakers, designers, prototypers, woodcarvers, stonecarvers, specialist plasterers, building picture and furniture restorers, potters and ceramicists.

Western Sculpting Supply
Our goal at Western Sculpting Supply is to provide our customers with the highest quality materials and friendly, knowlegable service. We offer a variety of sculpting and mold making supplies for the professional, student and beginner.

Stone Sculptors Supplies
Sublitled by its creator, John Gulland,"The straight goods on burning wood for heat & enjoyment in your home". Mr. Gulland is also the author of "Reliable Chimney Venting", considered by many to be the best technical text for understanding how chimneys work in the field. A great site that is really worth a visit.

How To Carve Soapstone...

Beginning Stone Carving - instructor Rebecca Davis
Stone sculptures are beautiful for many reasons. The stone contributes to this but it is a material, it is not an idea. Drawing from your own experience, what you find beautiful or fascinating, will be inspiration for many beautiful sculptures. If stone is the best way to express these ideas, then it should be used. Your concept will dictate the color, density, and size of the stone you will use.

The Sculpture Studio
"People look at stone and wonder, How can anyone possibly carve that? With some experience and the proper tools, I find that I can now work the softer stones as easily as wood".

Chief Carver
Are you looking to start a sculpture hobby but have never tried it before, and donít know where to start? Soapstone sculptures are beautiful and easier than you think to make. "In this webpage I will cover everything you need to know about creating soapstone sculptures".
"How to get started carving stone"? That's the million dollar question. There are a number of ways. I took an art class in college and there was an art student that had finished a piece in stone. click link to read on.

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