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Mike Flynn Mike Flynn Glen Wilson Glen Wilson Ralph S Greco Ralph s Greco Robert Bouquet
Robert Bouquet Bob Madden
Bob Madden
Jason Bernhardt
By sculpture student Brian Stone Jerry Wingren
Jerry Wingren Dennis Blasiole Dennis Blasiole Mark Fishtein Mark Fistein Angela Treat Lyon
By sculpture student Brian Stone
Mary Tanner
By sculpture student Brian Stone Bryan Winfred Massey Bryan Winfred Massey Scott Gentry Scott Gentry Thia Alvin Thea Alvin David Wilkinson
David Wilkinson
Central Carolina Community College
By sculpture student Brian Stone Terry Lowell Terry Lowell Hilde Labbrechts

Hilde Labbrechts Reggie Ezell
Reggie Ezell Bill Cook
Bill Cook
Danny Kirchner Danny Kirchner Miss Goudy Miss Goudy Juanita Greenspan Juanita Greenspan Brook West Rich Taft David Kling
James Bush
Bob Knorr

Bob Knoor Jim LaCourse Jim Lacourse Carol Dreyfus Miss Goudy Rico Loseguo Rico Loseguo Mark Buckley Mark Buckley
SC Knives SC Knives Andy Weaver
Andy Weaver Angela Sherman Angela Sherman Tone Orvik Tone Orvik John Barrett Rich Taft
Sheldon Pierre Louis Ceremonial Piper by Sheldon Pierre Louis Matt Laine Matt Laine Greg Hopfauf Mark Hopfauf Digotlvnv Ganvnawa Tone Orvik Mark Knize Mark knize
Eric Heline Eric Heline Rich Taft Rich Taft Anthony Barone
By sculpture student Brian Stone James Bush
James Bush Jason Ochoski Eric Heline
Gary Williams Jary Williams Mary Annella Frank
Mary Annella Frank
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